Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Mobile Slaughterhouses: Cutting Costs and Carbon for Local Farmers

This is a much-needed service across the country that will allow for more small local meat farmers. I would absolutely use the services of a mobile slaughterhouse rather than have to butcher my own meat birds. Unfortunately, it is still illegal in many states.

 Everyone loves an ice cream truck. That familiar, jingling ditty resounds throughout the neighborhood, luring kids out of their homes in pursuit of a frozen treat. One truck can service multiple neighborhoods, while parents enjoy the convenience of an ice cream provider that comes to them. No carting car-fulls of screaming youngsters miles away to an ice cream parlor or grocery store — a luxury that saves stress and carbon emissions.

The neighborhood Mister Softee really isn't so different from the latest trend in sustainable meat, the mobile slaughterhouse. And no, I promise I'm not digressing into a plot from a horror film.